BTT Tennis Foundation is a tennis and educational organization which has been established in order to help orphans and helpless children in the U.S. and Western Africa by offering education and tennis training through donated funds. The donated funds are used for several charitable activities. Each year we help 300 orphans and helpless children learn tennis, and continue to learn tennis through our foundation programs.  BTT Tennis Foundation is a community based foundation committed to removing children from the cycle of poverty, helping them develop,  and giving them the opportunity to succeed in their future ahead.

Some of these charitable activities have included:

  • Boys and Girls weekly training program 
  • Seasonal training camps
  • Food , drinks , Snacks distribution 
  • Transportation  
  • Internal tournaments 
  • National tournaments 
  • International competitions 
  • Donations in tennis equipment 
  • and other worthwhile projects. 

Racket Roundup, a BTT Tennis Foundation’s program that collects used tennis equipment for distribution to players who don’t have the resources to buy their own: rackets, shoes, balls, and other items. Our mission is to ensure every child in the community receives the appropriate care that they need to thrive. There is no human endeavor that is outside the realm of learning. All young players should have equal access to the kind of quality charitable program they need to be socially successful enabling them to become productive adults. We dream of a world where every child can have the chance to learn the sport they love and live out their passion.

West Africa in particular the Ivory Coast is potentially underdeveloped in sport and education. It has a growing impoverished population but with a lot of potential and talented children in terms of sport and we’re confident that with your support we’ll be able to make a big impact in many children’s lives.

We began developing this program in early 2018, centering the foundation on providing an adequate tennis program for those in need within the community. A place where children could learn side by side with other children from the same age group and skill level. We ensure an equal playing field for all, where a community can gather to reconnect, re-engage and access proper training. We are trying to play our role in addressing the social, economic, and environmental challenges of our communities.

We don’t need to be millionaires to help , Even a small donation can make a profound difference on someone’s life. We are a nonprofit organization.
a 501c3 tax exempt status 
EIN : 83-153-8830