Our High Performance Training program is focused on working with tournament players of different age categories such as 10 -18 years old  and 18- 22 years old . We work with players who are looking for high quality training in a professional environment. Players of this hand mainly want to develop their playing standards, improve their ranking or dare to play at the highest level. Our unique system is a combination of coordination drills, movement and sports physiology helps to prepare world-class athletes. In our High Performance tennis division players are trained mainly on technical, tactical, physical as well as mental and competitive aspects of the game and join the programs in short/mid/long term periods. High Performance program designed for players who are interested in acquiring the required skills and tactics to perform in a tennis tournament. Players train for 2 hours in a group of 3 to 8 players per court

The objective is to create and maintain a positive environment both on the court and surrounding the player. Players make progress in an environment that suits them as individuals, where the expectations of them are high and where the challenges are exciting with a high quality training program.

Goal setting is a major for coaches and players not just in planning programs of training and competition, but also for encouraging players’ progress and then reviewing progress. Goals should be developed in time frames that are understandable by players. The time frames should include short, medium and long term set against specific principles. Each player needs physical, technical and mental /emotional process goals. The coach will have a game project for his players in the program. Players’ progress report should be made every 3 months in order to follow their improvement on individual needs which help them achieve their goals.

Most players at age 11 through 14 have 40 to 50 singles matches per year in competition “practice matches unlimited “ team tennis, high school tennis, USTA Sectional  and National tournaments. At age 16 , 90 to 120  singles matches per year in competition, unlimited practice matches, high school tennis, USTA Sectional and National tournaments and ITF events.


High Performance Clinic Rates
Package Price
Daily rate $70
4 Pack $268
8 pack $512
12 pack $732
Family Discount Clinic Rates
Package Price
Daily rate $59.5
4 Pack $227
8 pack $435
12 pack $622


If you have need to receive a quote ask one of our coaches for an estimate

The first clinic a player attends 50% off the class
Family member discount
(applies to all additional family member’s clinics attending classes)
15% off one student’s package and drop in fee
Friend Referral 15% off one clinic
for the person who is referring the clinic to their friend.

Class Plan

Duration Item
10 mins Warm up
10 mins Racket warm up
45 mins Skill development
5 mins Snack break
35 mins Game development
10 mins Fitness
05 mins Wrap up


Day Time
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
11:00 am -1:00 pm