Green Level players use the same ball size as the orange ball, but it has more pressure than the orange ball, travelling faster and bouncing higher than previous balls. The typical age of students in our green level class is from ages 9-10 however, there are outliers that may be as young as 7, or as old as 12. Students using this ball are required to hit it within one bounce. Players will be using full sized 27-inch rackets, as they need more power for playing full court.

General Objectives

Hitting skill

  • Begin learning the different types of spin: topspin, sidespin, and backspin.
  • Begin learning the slice, drop shots, and topspin lobs.
  • Learn how to use more shoulder rotation in order to improve ground stroke power.
  • Change grip from continental to semi western or western grip and learn to switch between the grips for forehand and backhand.
  • Introduce the approach shot.
  • Begin learning the first serve.
  • Direct the ball crosscourt and down the line.
  • Learn how to use doubles tactics within a point.
  • Building rally progression further.
  • Understanding how to split step  in order to prepare for the ball.

Receiving skill

  • Serve return
  • Improve speed through practice of footwork technique.
  • Learn when to use each move within a rally through movement specified drills

The Test to move on to the next level

In order to move on from the green ball to the Junior Development program, you will have to complete a test which will demonstrate the general objectives you should have completed in the course. For the test, you will get five attempts at having a rally of 25 or more shots using the green ball on a full sized court. The five attempts will be five different feeds from the instructor which will start the point, if the instructor hits the ball out it does not count against the student’s rally.