There will be some exceptions of students who perform better or worse than the standard level of their age. 


The High Performance class is for students from middle school to college who are playing competitively and want to further their ranking. There are no beginner or intermediate leveled players in the HP class, all students are high intensity and have the desire to win. The age group for this class varies more than the others, and is from ages 11-22, though there are exceptions.

General Objectives 

Hitting Skill

  • Use ball placement techniques to identify the correct place to hit the ball, and hit the ball into the open court.
  • Learn to hit the ball on the rise.
  • Bring first serve consistency to 70%
  • Using the same racket speed on the second serve but with more spin.
  • Be able to direct both first and second serve.
  • Add more power in strokes using weight distribution, shoulder rotation, and wrist whip.
  • Teach players to take advantage of opportunities given during the match.
  • Identify the other opponents weaknesses, and play to them accordingly.
  • Identify the critical points during a match and capitalize on them.
  • Learn how to play against people who push the ball and maintain your positive attitude.
  • Learn how to use your strengths during a match.

Receiving skill

  • Take advantage of the opponent’s second serve.
  • Reduce how weak your defensive shot is by placing the ball deeper.
  • Learn how to get out of a defensive situation and turn it into an offensive one.
  • Reflect the ball in order to use the other player’s power against them.

Mental attitude

  • Learn to control your mental attitude and not allow the player to see your doubt.
  • How to have control over your physical and verbal behaviors
  • Switch to a killer mindset.