Are you looking for a way to keep your kids occupied in their free time? Why not sign them up with a semi private lesson and have them not only have a great time but also learn a sport they can play the rest of their lives. We have coaches who are not only great with beginners but who are also capable of getting the most out of two experienced tennis players. If you have a friend who you want to take a lesson with, we offer semi-private tennis lessons that are no less instructional than private lessons. As they say, the more the merrier ! It is always better to either compare your game to or just someone to have a laugh or two with.

Semi-private tennis lessons which are specifically designed for two players to receive personal instruction together and serves as a nice alternative to one-on-one instruction . they allow you to receive personal instruction with another player (friend, partner, sibling,neighbor) on the court at the same time. Semi- private lessons are a great fit for players who are uncomfortable with private lessons but are open to getting individual attention alongside another player .
Semi-private tennis lessons are an ideal option for kids who want to learn quickly but prefer having a friend to learn ,play and hit with . The coach to student ratio is an added benefit with one tennis coach per two players which provides just the right environment for kids to learn teamwork and to cooperate with one another . With two players per lesson there is more action out on the court for each player versus a group tennis lesson which allows multiple players and the possibility of a waiting line that can result in standing idle .
Another benefit of taking semi-private tennis lessons is the social aspect . It’s a lot less stressful and a whole lot more fun to master a new sport or improve your game alongside a good friend . you can stay active , socialize and learn how to play tennis together . Tennis is not only an amazing sport but a great way to meet new friends.


This program is also good for doubles players who are learning game strategy, or who want to play doubles tournaments together in the future. It is beneficial for doubles partners to learn together, from this they will understand each other’s capabilities and limitations. You can use your knowledge of the other player to set them in a position where you know they will do well, and finish the point. Building team chemistry is integral to your ability to play well together, and to communicate between each other during the point.

If you are looking for a semi private lesson, for yourself or your child, but do not know anyone for this, contact us, let us know you or your child’s age and level, and we can put them on our waiting list.

Semi-Private Lesson Rates

Package Rate
Daily rate $200
4 Pack $788
8 pack $1552
12 pack $2292