At Bay Team Tennis Academy, we hold (monthly) tournaments held on the last Saturday of the month, during our clinics between all age levels. It is important, even at beginner levels, for players to understand why they are training, and that the techniques they are learning must be integrated into competitive play. Matches also show students how exciting tennis can be in a competitive format, and pushes them to practice harder, as they know they will be tested in the tournament. The tournaments we hold at Bay Team Tennis Academy will help students who are interested in participating in USTA and UTR tennis tournaments, as it will build their competitive playing skills, giving them more experience.

Eventually, we will be setting up tournaments outside of the weekly clinics for UTR purposes, where students can participate in USTA tournaments which affect their ranking.

At the tournaments we teach new players how to play a match including:

  • the correct positioning during a match
  • how and when to call the ball out
  • the rotation of serve between players, and how to decide who is going to serve or receive first.
  • switching sides on every odd game
  • how to call score from point, game, set, to match.
  • how to play singles and doubles, the positioning as well as different strategic approaches to each

We host tournaments in different formats such as:

  • single elimination, ladder, including consolation bracket
  • round robin
  • team competition, have them split into teams, each team earns points for winning a match.

In our Internal tournaments there is no seeding, and the winners of each age group’s tournament will be receiving medals and prizes.