We do understand that traffic can be unpredictable, and cause late pick up arrivals. However, if a late pick up becomes common for each lesson, and the coach is waiting with the student for 10 minutes or longer repeatedly, the coach will start charging a fee of $1/minute, after the 5 minute mark. This is in order to make sure coaches are not spending 10 to 15 minutes of their time waiting for late pick up arrivals, the student is the coach’s responsibility until a parent comes to pick them up.
Students or students’ parents must notify the coach ahead of time for any delay for lessons starting time. This will allow him to make a rearrangement with his/her next students’ lessons time. Any miscommunication with the coach may compromise his/her next lesson.

Coach Tardiness

Depending on how late the instructor is, there will be different ways of dealing with the lost time. In most cases, the student has a flexible enough schedule to add the missed time to the end of the lesson. For example, if the instructor misses the first ten minutes of the lesson, we can, in some situations, add those ten minutes to the end of the lesson, if the student has time. It is understood if the student does not have the time to add the lost time to the end of the lesson, in which case, we can add it to the beginning or end of the next lesson. In extreme cases, students may be able to get additional compensation for the time they lost waiting for the instructor.

Scheduling policy

Students or Student’s parents will be notified for the lesson 24 hours by email, text or call and should be confirmed the same day to avoid any time conflict with other lessons and class . We do not do any scheduling on the same day for lesson and class.

Schedule Time Changes

Most changes in lesson time will be happening at least 24 hours in advance, and will be minimal. If the instructor is going to be late, they will always let you know ahead of time.


If a student is late to the clinic, although it is interrupting the class in session, and the instructor will have to find a way to include the student into whichever drill or exercise they’re doing. There is no penalty, however, if you show up late to the clinic, the time lost during your tardiness will not be made up for by the coaches.