Bay Team Tennis Academy is not financially responsible for any injuries taking place on the court. Although we have guidelines, we cannot control every student’s actions at the Academy, but we can control our reaction, making it fast, steady, and ensuring safety.
If a child gets hurt in the class, either on purpose or by accident and even if it seems mild, the coach will stop coaching, immediately go to the child, and find out what happened. They will try to calm them down and show concern. It’s OK to take a minute out of the class to comfort the child. All coaches will be supplied with a first aid kit. If the accident is minor, the coach will suggest that they sit down for a minute and have some water, where they can give them a band-aide or an ice pack if it would help. The coach will be sure to check on them within the next 5 minutes and invite them back to play if they have not already rejoined the class. If after 10 minutes they have still not rejoined the class, the coach offers them the option of remaining sat out for more time. If they still don’t want to rejoin, the coach will suggest to them that they be picked up earlier by their parents.
If the accident is serious, the coach should stop the entire class and call their parents or 911, immediately. The coach needs to be the one to tell the parents about this accident, and will tell the parents how their child was hurt and how he took care of it.
If a child hurts another child on purpose, the coach will sideline them for the rest of the day, or send them home, making it clear that we do not tolerate aggressive behavior. We are here to have fun and learn a great sport! We will call their parents and the student will get one more chance to correct their behavior before being dismissed from class permanently.  We realize accidents can happen, and accidents are entirely different from aggressive behavior.