Tennis challenges you to improve, to hit your strokes and develop your strategy to become a more efficient, effective player. When you improve your game, you don’t just become a better player. You also get the satisfaction that comes from mastering a skill no matter what your age or ability you can master the basics, advance to the next skill level, address a specific weakness or correct a bad habit from the past.

That’s where private lessons come into the picture. When you get serious about your tennis, even if you’re just playing for fun, you need to consider taking tennis lessons. A private tennis lesson is all about players out on the court. No tennis coach, regardless of how much experience and talent he/she has, can turn you from a beginner into a great player in one hour-long lesson or even three, for that matter. However, a coach can help you improve your game in some very concrete ways, starting with Lesson 1. With private lessons, there are less students out on the court which allows more time or the tennis coach to focus on the player. Less distraction for the coach means more tennis instruction just for the player to build a unique personality, complete with strengths and flaws, that requires the individual attention of a one-on-one lesson in an intensive, 60-minute lesson.

There are additional benefits to taking private lessons. The one-on-one coaching allows tennis students the ability to learn much faster and to also grasp more material in a shorter amount of time. private lessons are productive and allow you the opportunity to develop skills at your own pace. Learn or refine five basic strokes of tennis at a speed that is comfortable for you.

The serve, forehand, backhand,overhead and volley are the key components in learning the basic fundamentals of the great game of tennis. Developing the correct technique takes both time and patience. With private lessons, quality time is available and necessary for the execution of new tennis skills and techniques. Private lessons provide the coach the opportunity to get to know your strengths and your weaknesses so that they can personalize your tennis lesson with a customized learning plan to improve your tennis game. Private lessons may be more costly over time but in the end they are worth every penny.

Private tennis lessons are the most effective way to learn new strokes and shots that work for your personal style of play. A group lesson provides helpful tips on general playing and hitting skills, but private lessons allow a coach to see how you perform during a group class or a match so he or she can improve your game based on your individual needs.

Private tennis lessons help you achieve two goals:

  • Learn a new skill for the first time
  • Learn a new skill for the first time
    Improve a stroke or shot you’re currently using

Start With Rallying for Beginner Private Lessons

Beginners today start with short-court rallying, learning how to tap the ball to a partner on the same side of the net, progressing to rallying over the net while standing only a few feet from the net.

As beginners learn how to judge balls, move their feet and control the ball to a partner, they move back toward the baseline a few feet at a time. This helps players learn tennis skills under control using all of the skills needed to play tennis, not just forehand and backhand swing techniques. As beginners begin to master rallying, coaches then begin making specific stroke changes, such as working on the grip, the backswing and the follow-through.

Improving adults skills with private lessons

Unlike junior players, adults usually aren’t looking to add completely new skills unless they are beginners. Adults who take lessons are often trying to improve what they already have.

A good adult lesson will start with the coach and student playing points to recreate and identify the player’s match-play needs. The coach and player will then work together to solve the playing problems with stroke work. Adult tennis lessons take into account that grownups aren’t as active as kids, so practices include the right type of warmup, adequate breaks and a post-workout cooldown and stretch.

Adult private Lesson Goals

Don’t be afraid to tell your coach all of the goals for your lessons. Qualified coaches want to make the lesson the best possible experience for you and will emphasize the aspects of a tennis lesson you want. Consider working on the following skills:

  • Footwork – learn how to get to the ball with proper balance
  • Depth – learn how to hit short angles, deep drives, drop shots ad lobs
  • Direction – learn how to hit to the backhand, forehand and into the body
  • Spins – learn how and when to hit flat, with slice and with topspin
  • Patterns – learn how to play two shots ahead to open the court and force errors
  • Power – the least important skill, but one that many adults want to learn first

Private Lesson Rates

Package Rate
Daily rate $150
4 Pack $588
8 pack $1152
12 pack $1692